.AE Domain VS .Com Domain

Every organization whether small or big needs a website. But before building a website you will need to book a domain name. And a company would want a domain denoting their geographical location. Many organizations in the UAE have opted for local domain extensions such as .ae, .sa, .om, .ga, etc.

.AE Domain Vs. COM

.AE domain denotes the country code top level domain (ccTLD) in the domain name system for the United Arab Emirates. It is administered by .ae Domain Administration (.aeDA) which is a part of UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. The. aeDA deals with all the policies related to the operation of the .ae domain. Whether you’re an Emirati local or a businessman then a .ae domain name will best suit you.

Whereas a .com domain is more popular being the first version of the domain name. Its name is derived from the word commercial that indicates its original intended purpose for domains registered by commercial organizations. The popularity of .com domains lets you anchor your web presence and gives a professional appeal to your website. Nowadays .com suffix is used after every search the internet users type in the address bar. World’s fastest growing companies prefer .com domain.

.AE Advantages

Localized extensions of domain names seem to be more professional to a business or a company. It also shows commitment towards its target audiences. .AE domains are better for start-ups and have a higher rank than other domains, which will increase traffic on your website. A UAE based company will target the local market, therefore, a local extension will maximize the visibility of the company. Also, such domains attract advertisers. To advertise local products or services .ae is the best place for websites. People trust websites that come with the .ae domain in local search. There is a huge scope for global expansion with a well-established customer base. Registering your brand name in UAE is the best preventative measure you can take to secure your trademark. You can easily register short and 3-character domains with the help of the .ae domain. Also, easy to rank in local SEO with .ae domain instead of a .com domain.

Related keywords enhance search engine rankings similarly .ae domains can help consumers relate to the firm. . AE is not restricted and is easy to register just like .com

. Com domains are perfect for people who already have international clients. From a marketing perspective .ae domains are much better for companies and institutions based in UAE.

To sum up

By using a local domain will give you all the benefits of the localised area. If you want to be recognized on a local scale to build a good reputation. With the help of .ae domain, you will have a better chance to gain a good global marketplace than other smaller businesses.

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