Why Register your Domains With An Accredited Registrar?

A domain name registrar is a company that looks after the reservation of the internet domain name. A domain name registrar must be accredited by a generic top-level domain (gTLD) registry or a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) registry. Buzinessware provides both ICANN (Internet Association for Assigned Names and Numbers) and aeDA registry to its customers.

Benefits of an Accredited Registrars

An accredited registrar is an organization accredited by a recognized accrediting body for its competence to audit and issue certification to an organization that meets the requirements of a standard. There are several benefits of using an accredited registrar. Choosing an accredited registrar can bring the following benefits:

Organizations are assured by the registrar’s, since the accreditation speaks to a free evaluation of registrar’s credibility to perform management system registration.

  • It also provides assurance that the certification is based on internationally accepted practices and procedures.
  • Accreditation assures organizations that a registrar meets specific requirements.
  • They also assure that the certification audits will be effective and objective.
  • It also provides protection against improper and fraudulent activities.
  • Accreditation registrar are stipulated and supported by local governments.

Any organization that chooses an accredited registrar will develop an active relationship and ensure the value of its registration certificate.

The two important accreditation Buzinessware is tied up with is ICANN and AEDA catering to international as well as UAE customers.

Buzinessware with the Accredited Registrars


You can register a domain name with ICANN through a registrar. A domain name information is maintained by domain registries, which contact domain

registrars to provide registration services to the public. A registrar can modify or delete information from the central registry database. To become a registrar, one must earn ICANN accreditation. Any business whether small or big must be accredited by ICANN before you become a registrar for .com, .net or any top-level domains. ICANN is a public benefit corporation that identifies entities connected to the internet across the world.


.AE domain denotes the country code top- level domain (ccTLD) in the domain name system for the United Arab Emirates. This type of domain is administered by .ae Domain Administration (aeDA) which is a part of the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA). It is the Regulatory Body and Registry Operator for the .ae country code. The aeDA role is to develop and execute policy, develop market and national namespace, accredit registrars, promoting national domain names, and to represent international forums.

The aeDA deals with operations of .ae domain. An Emirati local businessman will opt for a .ae domain name as it comes across as localized extensions. A UAE based company will target the local market and therefore a local extension will maximize the visibility of the company.

Buzinessware amid your Business

Among the many registrars, Buzinessware is a reliable registrar that serves its UAE customers.

If you want recognition on a local scale to build a good reputation, then a local domain will best suit you. We cater to UAE clients as well as International clients and provide 24/7/365 support. At Buzinessware we give our customers the choice to choose either ICANN accredited registrar or aeDA accredited registrar.

So, become a part of Buzinessware family and get your desired accredited registrar.