How an Email Protection Service Can Keep You Safe

Any firm that wants to keep in touch and communicate must use email. Nevertheless, hackers occasionally use your dependence on email to their advantage by pretending to be someone else and stealing data. Advanced Email Security guards against online dangers such as viruses, phishing, and spam. It displays cautionary banners in messages and functions with any email client or device.

We are starting to integrate Advanced Email Security with every email package in collaboration with our vendor Proofpoint. You might still be able to add it to your plan at a premium in the interim.

How is Advanced Email Security implemented?

Advanced Email Security protects your information by encrypting the contents of your email during transit. Even if a message is intercepted or falls into the wrong hands, unauthorized individuals won’t be able to read it.

When sending an encrypted message to someone outside of your organization, they’ll receive a secure link to access the message. To view and respond to the message, they can create an Advanced Email Security sign-in, which stays active for 14 days. Recipients within your organization, like employees, can view the encrypted message without signing in.

In addition to encryption, Advanced Email Security includes other features like:

  • Message scanning for potential threats
  • Color-coded banners on incoming email to indicate potential threats.
  • Protection against data loss
  • Verification of URLs in messages to make sure they don’t go to harmful destinations.
  • Detection of malicious attachments in messages
  • Quarantine of messages that appear to be from your domain but originate from outside your organization.

We recommend customizing the Advanced Email Security features and settings to meet your needs.

Please note that your Microsoft 365 inbox filters will still function with Advanced Email Security. You can use any email client, and messages sent within your organization behave normally, even when encrypted. Is security important for all websites?

Email Security

The answer is YES! Whether you have an eCommerce website or just a blogging website, keeping it secure should be a priority. This is so because one attack by hackers can make you lose all your content and data which you have created over a long time. Moreover, it can also badly impact your rankings in the search engines. To prevent it is important to have all the security features updated and installed on your website.

Email is protected with Advanced Email Security. Is there anything you need to do?

Your emails, both sent and received, are already safe and secure thanks to Advanced Email Security. As a result, you might observe a few modifications, such as automated quarantining of suspicious emails or warning banners alerting you to potential risks on your email.

Don’t panic if you see that valid emails are being classified as spam or placed in quarantine; you oversee these settings. After logging in to Advanced Email Security, you may update your safe and blocked sender lists, access and release mails that have been placed in quarantine and change your spam settings. By doing this, you contribute to the training of Advanced Email Security to recognize and block malicious emails more precisely.

What are the limitations of Advanced Email Security?

The Advanced Email Security account needs to contain every user and domain in your company. Other boundaries to be aware of:

  • Sending outbound messages is limited to 2,500 messages per day and 500 messages in a 10-minute period.
  • The maximum email size, Standard, is 150 MB; the maximum email size, Encrypted, is 35 MB.
  • Any Microsoft 365 message size limitations—such as those imposed by your company or email program—have an impact on this.
  • Each message can have up to 1,000 recipients.
  • Messages that are encrypted are kept for 14 days.