How to Choose Web Hosting for Startup

On the path of choosing a web hosting for startup???

The conception of starting a new business can be a Eureka! moment for you. But, the initial process of finalizing the right type of hosting for your startup can be taxing, especially when you have no clue about it. Web hosting lays the foundation for any SMBs (Small Medium – Sized Businness) as it provides a platform to host their website. And for a startup company with limited resources, you need to think with caution and utilize the resources prudently.

Let’s Get Started:

Web Hosting is a platform that lets you host your website on the internet and the organization who provides these services is known as Hosts. The host will allow you to use its platform and hosting services via internet connectivity.

Before you dive in take a moment and think about what your site requirements are. Once you have got that covered you will be in a better position to choose a hosting service.

Here’s the Deal:

So, we have compiled a list of the best services for web hosting for a startup which will help you to choose one for your startup.

Shared Web Hosting for Startups

Shared hosting is a form of web hosting which provides a server for serving numerous websites. This is an ideal option for you if you’re just starting out, as it is cheap and pocket- friendly. It’s easy to use and has got all the tools required for a new business. This type of hosting will work well if your website has low traffic and little content, to begin with. As you will be sharing the web space with other accounts on the server, you don’t have to worry about maintenance and just focus on your business. Shared hosting will cater to your modest website needs and provide you with a good learning experience.

Look Out:

For host providers with a good hosting plan which can accommodate you with good support, a reliable backup and an up time guarantee. Sometimes a cheaper hosting plan is better than an expensive one.

web hosting for startup


Dedicated Web Hosting for Larger Enterprises

This type of hosting will support your business scalability by giving you full control of the server. If you don’t like being micromanaged then dedicated hosting will give you the flexibility to do things independently. Basically, you will be in charge of installing complex applications that otherwise are not available in shared hosting. It will suit a dynamic website that undergoes changes quite often. This type of web hosting for startup will definitely cost you a lot for the various privileges you will get from it.

Here’s the deal:

You get enhanced security, dedicated IP address, unlimited space, handle large traffic and unlimited bandwidth.

Virtual Private Server Web Hosting for Growing Business

VPS hosting is like an amalgamation of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It will give you the best of both worlds and let you control your infrastructure. VPS will provide you with root access to install applications of your choice. It is a convenient option as you pay for what you need only. Even though you will be sharing the server with other accounts, but you will get features that of dedicated hosting. This means you can enjoy enhanced security, daily backups, and can manage high traffic.

It gets better:

VPS hosting is cheaper than a dedicated hosting plan and most host offers managed services where an expert will take care of the hardware.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Each web hosting service is different from the other and therefore it is incredibly important for you to choose the right one. For a web hosting for startup, the safest option would be Shared Hosting as it is pocket-friendly. As the traffic increases on your website can easily upgrade to a VPS Hosting. But wait there’s more, if you want to solely handle your business affairs and be your own boss then you should go with Dedicated Hosting.

Think About this:

Your hosting plan should cover all the functionalities your business needs. A good host provider needs to be reliable and provide you with good bandwidth, storage, FTP access, 24/7 customer support, and a reliable backup to avoid downtime.

As It Turns Out:

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