Middle East’s Journey to Cloud

Increased efficiency, cost savings and the ability to embrace change in an agile manner make cloud an irresistible proposition for Enterprises.
According to recent market study, Middle East region is going through transformation because the businesses are seeking innovation to deliver their services to customer in an efficient way. Region has already spent around $1.4 billion for public cloud services by this year and expecting $2 billion by 2020.

Major issues faced by SME/SMB/Enterprises in this region are sluggishness, poor performance and unavailability of local support.
Migrating data/app/websites to local cloud is the one and only solution to overcome all these issues effectively.
Also transformation of current business processes using cloud services will help to increase productivity and keep your business always competitive.

Many businesses are still keeping their critical business data/apps on-premise in a traditional way. You need to invest a lot to setup on-premise data-center and to maintain IT team 24×7 to monitor and manage continuously. Again your business can be at risk unless your infrastructure is managed in a professional way and there is a proper business continuity plan implemented.

Latency plays vital role in performance of any website or app. High latency is one of the major concern with global cloud like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, IBM cloud etc. Leading managed cloud provider from the middle east region, Buzinessware FZCO offers 24×7 support along with managed services from your region which really ensuring peace of mind.

Cloud Consulting is a free program offered by Buzinessware FZCO , help you to optimize your IT infrastructure and to reduce overall IT cost. Consultant will be assessing your current IT environment in a 60 minutes discussion ended with a detailed report including suggestions and recommendations.