The risk of losing business-critical data. will that affect your company’s continuity?

Enterprise backup has been challenging for over a decade with constant troubleshooting failures, optimizing performance, and meeting backup windows result in operational overhead that offers no competitive advantage. But, now Cloud services continue to be a top priority for CIOs & CTOs. Technology leaders rate Cloud computing as the most important IT initiative in the current era and it is still gaining a momentum. The risk of losing business-critical data can cost million of dollars to the company and building their own Data center is a tedious process which will lead to huge capital investments & hiring quality certified professionals to monitor their own infrastructure 24/7 is very challenging.

Therefore, CTOs & CIOs continue to measure successful recovery of business systems data from IaaS providers who already have advanced competitive infrastructure and certified professionals who can combine the power of traditional IT, private, managed and public cloud and transforms their business & reduces cost by providing End to End experience. So, backup is still an ideal solution for cloud storage and companies should explore this option who is struggling with data protection. DRaaS—disaster recovery as a service. During the outage, DRaaS goes further than just backup by allowing you recover completely in the cloud without having to physically restore your data to a different location. If you were running away from the cloud as like a couple of years ago, it might be a good idea to Re-think again: a lot has changed. The cloud isn’t exploding or proliferating—that’s a relief—but it’s getting better and it’s become a good option for you to plan your effective backup strategy to keep your business safe from the effects of data loss.

Currently, there are two factors which have changed the market dynamics: One, replacing legacy backup infrastructure with new advanced technologies. Two, as challenges with legacy datacenters and equipment refreshes, have arisen, the interest in cloud approaches has increased. As a result, CTOs & CIOs are trying to develop a cloud-based backup service approach.

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Imrez Bellary Mohammed is the Marketing & Business Development Manager @ Buzinessware for more information reach out to us on [email protected]