Monetise your Relationships and become Buzinessware’s Referral Hero now

Relationships are key to any successful business around the World. Every day we meet someone who can help us with something somewhere

and you’ll be putting your heart and soul to develop the trust in you rather in your business. These relationships are built over a period of time and take a lot of hardship to maintain and develop long-lasting relationships. I know you’ll not be happy to give us the tricks inside your pocket how you develop long lasting business relationships but you can be our Cloud hero now.

We may not be the first company on the planet and yes we’re indeed coming after so many companies who have recreated the referral heroes, but from our side, we offer you a seamless journey to return home with an extra large bacon in your pocket. No, it is not just another attempt to jump on the bandwagon or a marketing gimmick but we’re a seamless and an honest company who are hiring Cloud heroes and in return we provide a seamless platform to monetise on your personal or business relationships and can invite your customers, contacts, and friends and promote our Cloud Services virtually everywhere online, or as you see fit.

It’s not mandatory that you should be a Technology Geek but you can be anyone who wants to monetize on their relationships and be our Cloud Evangelist. You get all the support from us to make you sound confident about our services. However, here are a few easy steps to help you get started.

Click here to sign up for free once you’re registered you’ll receive our confirmation email with your login details.

Then you can click on the link provided in the email which will take you to our login page

Once you’re signed in you can invite someone Via an Email, Copy a unique link and paste it on your Social assets or even upload our banner on your website.

All your efforts will be tracked by the unique link provided to you and your profit will directly be added to your account as a credit automatically which can be redeemed at any time. So let’s get started now and start monetizing on your Relationships.


Imrez Bellary Mohammed is the Marketing & Business Development Manager @ Buzinessware for more information reach out to us on [email protected]